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We're selling Nyloon.

We started our journey back in 2015 to offer the most beautiful nylon Apple Watch straps ever designed. 

We've been helping thousands of people to show their colors and express their identity with our exclusive and carefully designed Apple Watch straps.

Now is your turn to continue our legacy. Are you up for the challenge?


Why are we selling Nyloon?

Marine created Nyloon as a side project 2 years ago. She is a successful Finance's executive and has been offered a relocation program with her current company. An opportunity that she was eager to take, leaving little or no time to manage Nyloon.

Rest of the team work as freelancers and are fully booked for months, so they have no time either to help growing Nyloon 😢

How much?

The selling price is $10,999. A bargain.

What's included in that price?

We'll include a guide with everything you need to know to manage the company. Access to the Shopify and Etsy platforms, agreements with resellers, branding resources, mailing lists, social accounts, preferred vendors, future business ideas that I didn't have time to launch and 3 months of email support to set you up for success.

Bonus: We'll give you for free 75 units of straps in stock.

Secure Payments

Nyloon is sold through Shopify Exchange, a secure platform o buy and sell ecommerce websites. The transaction will be done via Escrow, a secure payment method where a financial institution holds the money until you verify as a customer that you've received what you agreed to purchase.  

Are you up for the challenge?

During the past 12 months with little to no paid online marketing, Nyloon generated almost $32K in revenue just in Shopify & Etsy. We're not in Amazon (yet).

You can achieve $50K in 2018. Are you up for the challenge?

 Any questions, we're just one email away.

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