About us


We are a group of young fashion enthusiasts and techies. We love Apple products and specially our Apple Watch.


Nyloon® started when we wanted to use the famous NATO straps in our Apple Watch but we weren’t able to find a nice version of the strap model, specifically made to fit our watches. You can buy regular straps in the market and with a bit of DIY adapt it to your Apple Watch. 


Obviously, that isn’t the best solution since you will be blocking the watch sensors and will never look as good as the original ones.

To fix that, we created a few straps for ourselves and we liked them so much that we asked...why not share this with the rest of the world?
The result...is just in front of you.


The nylon wristband known as a Nato strap was originally designed by the British Ministry of Defense so that it could to be worn over or under clothing such as a flight suit or wetsuit, and to keep the buckle away from the underside of the wrist, supposedly to prevent it catching on clothing – or weapons. . 


We designed our straps following the original NATO strap specifications and adapting it to your most personal device. Nyloon® straps are made with ballistic grade nylon that is thicker and tougher than ordinary polyester straps and built to withstand the most adverse outdoor conditions. 

You deserve to display your own personality! With our range of colours, there is a choice for every day, season or occasion. There is no need to wear your heart on your sleeve when you can wear your colours on your wrist. 

Our bands are 20mm and 22mm wide with 9 heat-sealed adjustment holes and several fittings / clasp colours to match your device. 

They are made to fit gently your Apple Watch, either 38”, 40", 42” or 44" sizes. 


Nyloon Apple Watch Band