Tanok Apple Watch Band

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A watch band you will want to wear everywhere with your Apple Watch. Super-soft, (give it some time to initially break into your wrist) unmatched quality, and unique colors that will make this your go-to strap from the gym to the office and everything in between. We have crafted a single durable Apple Watch with a comfortable, fabric-like feel.

  • Our flagship pattern sporting red, navy, light blue, and green colors
  • 2 pieces ballistic nylon band
  • 1.8mm thick
  • Matching sewings because the details matter

    Note: No two bands are alike, each is unique, so we cannot guarantee you will receive the exact pattern placement as our image. You may get more white toward the bottom of the band or the top. If you need one similar to our photo, please contact us. There is a $25 charge in addition to the band cost. Once we receive your request, we will unseal boxes on our side to find three options we think are the closest to the pattern we chose for our photo on this product listing and email them to you for approval. 

    Why aren’t all the patterns the same?

    In the textile industry most companies use what is called a step and sew method to ensure every item is identical. This comes with a lot of wasted material. With our method we produce a 0 waste product. 

    Fits 38, 40, 41 42, 44, 45mm case sizes for the Apple Watch series 7, 6, SE, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. It also fits special editions like Nike+ Sport, Hermès, and ceramic models.

    Please measure your wrist’s circumference with a soft tape measure. Just because you are 6'2 and 250 lbs, doesn’t mean you need an XL band :)

    At a glance, wrist sizes can be tricky! Our bands come in sizes "Regular" , "XL", and "XXL". The regular size fits most.

    - Our “Regular” band’s length is 235mm (9.25 inches) with the Apple Watch attached with 10 holes. It fits wrist sizes 5.5" to 8.5"

    - Our “XL” band's length is 270mm (10.6 inches) with the Apple Watch attached and 10 holes.  It fits wrists sizes 6.5" to 9.25"

    - Our "XXL" band’s length is 295mm (11.6 inches) with the Apple Watch attached with 10 holes. It fits wrist sizes 9" to 10.5"

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